Serving Portland for Over 20 Years
About Key Creations

Originally located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Key Creations has been in business for over 20 years. We have embroidered on everything from silk to leather, quilted piano covers to padded horse blankets.

Digitizing and embroidery are done in-house ensuring our ability to quickly provide you with almost any item for your promotional needs.

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about key creations

Our Service Guarantee

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to large and small businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest. For this reason, we provide the following guarantees to our clients:

  • We will provide competitive pricing
  • We will provide personal contact and proofs prior to production for new logos/designs
  • We will guarantee turn around times on all contract orders
  • We will complete all production in-house to maintain quality

Forms of Payment

Key Creations gladly accepts purchase orders, VISA, MasterCard, and checks.

Our Story

The Key Creations Custom Embroidered Key PouchWhere does "key creations" come from?

The name and the shape of the Key Creations logo is based on the idea for a product that, alas, ran into problems as technology changed — a pouch to store car keys and provide a marketing channel for auto dealers.

Before the company was formed, one of our founders stumbled on the idea of creating a pouch to store keys. The pouch solved a long standing problem, keys are sharp and cut holes in pockets — but modern automotive keys are simply too large to fit in old-fashioned folding key holders. All the major manufactures, Ford, Toyota, etc, created keys that were large, odd sizes to include the brand logo. The pouch could hold any size key and could be embroidered with the logo of the auto dealer where the car was purchased. A daily reminder of where to go for your next car and no more holes in your pockets — brilliant!

But great ideas don't always last. As keyless entry became standard on more and more automobiles, the pouch concept struggled to hold ever larger and more complex remotes.

Even so, the company realized that dealerships, businesses, and even individuals preferred the professional and more durable look of embroidery over other methods of branding apparel. Key Creations continued to provide embroidery services to existing customers and started to expand to provide services to non-profits, government agencies, athletic teams, and businesses large and small.

Who knows, maybe that order for custom embroidered iPad pouches is just around the corner?